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Outdoor LED Strip Lights: Waterproof with Benefits

By Jay Crawford0 comments
  Are outdoor LED strip lights waterproof? For most intents and purposes, they certainly are. While not recommended for use underwater, LED light strips made by reputable companies like Movilume are able to withstand any weather conditions Canada can throw their way. Resistance ...
PlayFancy Christmas Lighting with Permanent LED Systems fancychristmaslighting

Fancy Christmas Lighting with Permanent LED Systems

By Glenna M0 comments
  Fancy Christmas Lighting   If you’re still stringing incandescent lights every year at Christmas time and taking them down a week or two later, you should look into permanent LED lighting. This technology is very simple to operate, energy-efficient, and beautiful. ...
PlayWhat are the Advantages of Permanent LED Displays permanentleddisplays

What are the Advantages of Permanent LED Displays?

By Glenna M0 comments
  Permanent LED Displays Permanent LED lights are a fun and energy-efficient way to create beautiful lighting effects that will help to tell your family’s unique story. Today’s LED technology is clear and bright, and these types of systems have the capacity to make lights ...

LED Technology Revolutionizes Commercial Neon Lighting

By Glenna M0 comments
  There’s no better way to attract attention to your business than a beautiful, brightly-coloured neon sign out front. Neon is eye-catching, day or night, and it stands out against the surrounding environment. A well-designed neon sign can brand your business and become ...

Beautiful Permanent Accent Lighting for Every Occasion

By Glenna M0 comments
  Many homeowners have discovered the practical advantages of permanent accent lighting. These outdoor LED lighting strips make decorating for the holidays extraordinarily easy – unless lit, the permanent lighting is virtually invisible, but whenever you want them, the lights ...